“Dance has the ability to transpire across continents and be that common ground - a communal platform for individuals to co-exist and co-create.” - Celine Chai

Our project Night Market is a cross-cultural collaboration with artists from around the world created to celebrate cultural diversity, share different perspectives and foster international connections.

Night Market will premiere at the Along the Edge Arts Festival May 12-16, 2021 where the films will be available to watch online for free. We are excited to share our stories with the global community and greatly appreciate support and donations towards the project. Our amazing team of artists have contributed their talent, effort and time — all donations will go directly towards supporting them.

Along with the premiere of the films, we will be releasing a zine featuring a collection of artworks, dance photography and photo collages inspired by Asia’s rich and colourful cultural landscapes. Donors will receive a digital copy of the Night Market zine as well as access to extra videos and links to view the films at any time beyond the online premiere. Suggested donation: $15 USD.


Special thanks to donors:
Rich and Pinky Ang
Manuel and Lydia Ang
Erickson and Roxanne Farillas
Randy and Venus Ang
Leo and Bella Yau
Larry and Ester Wong
Jun and Katrina Palanca
Erica Palmer
Michael Williams
Jeremy Morganty
Cedric and Becca Yau